Planting a forest of creativity

When the project was originally announced to the design community in New York to solicit participation, over 300 designers expressed interest within the first two weeks.

Since then, The Urban Forest Project has been launched in Albuquerque, Baltimore, Denver and Portland. This spring, two more will go up in San Francisco and Washington, DC.

Recently the DC project generated nearly 400 entries. The project has won numerous awards, among them: runner up for the prestigious Brendan Gill Prize from the Municipal Arts Society in New York and The Best of Baltimore Public Art Project.

In New York alone, the project garnered press on television, in print and online such as; ABC News, NBC News, Fox News, NY1, The New York Times, Time Out New York and BusinessWeek Online.

Worldstudio is currently in discussions with a number of cities, community groups and corporations around the world who want to execute and sponsor The Urban Forest Project.